One-2-One Personal Training Sessions
by Marianne 'Golden Girl' Marston

"London's Best Personal Trainer" Time Out Magazine

Marianne's One-2-One personal sessions are tailored to your individual needs, whether you are looking to learn to box, improve your boxing technique, or simply want to get into peak shape.

Marianne's One-2-One sessions are a true professional boxing workout which includes many of the techniques, exercises and boxing drills that Cruiserweight Champion of the World Steve 'USS' Cunningham (pictured left), Marianne herself (centre) and Junior Middleweight contender Jamaal 'Da Truth' Davis (pictured right), amongst other top flight sportmen and women use in their training and competition preparations.

As the One-2-One personal training sessions are tailored to your individual needs by Marianne they are suitable for all regardless of fitness level.


Initial Consultation

At the initial consultation Marianne will ascertain your fitness goals, training history and the potential programmes and services that would be optimal for you. The initial consultation also includes a full fitness assessment, an introductory session and an inividually tailored strategic conditioning plan.

Individual One-2-One Personal Training/Conditioning Sessions

1 hour One-2-One personal training/conditioning session - Cost: £60.00

Special Offers

Five One-2-One Sessions £275.00 (Gift Certificate available - click here)

Ten One-2-One Sessions £500.00 (Gift Certificate available - click here)

Further information or to book a session please call 07960 850645


Time Out Magazine researched and compiled a list of London's Best Personal Trainers in five specialised fitness areas. Time Out Magazine then selected just the best in each area for inclusion in their January 2010 issue and on publication Marianne was listed as the best 'Boxing & Circuits' trainer.

Below is what Time Out Magazine had to say about Marianne.

"This hard-as-nails blonde teaches at a spit-and-sawdust gym in London. Herself a pro boxer discovered by Smokin’ Joe Frazier, Marston still competes in the US as part of a cruiserweight champion team, but between bouts her considerable energies are focused on those she trains. As well as boxing training to sculpt and tone your figure fast, the 'Golden Girl' is also a qualified nutritionist, who knows how to pack a punch despite being wheat - and lactose - intolerant. That doesn't mean she'll stand for sissies, though - and with her hardcore boxing and circuit training, the 'Golden Girl' runs a pretty terrifying ship."

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